Adapted from Jim Conrad's Naturalist Newsletter of October 8, 2007, with notes made during a visit to Nevado de Toluca Volcano, México State, MÉXICO

As soon as the ice melts from my tent fly I head downslope. Once below the timberline I locate a spring and erect my tent on a parklike ridge with widely scattered pines and more clumpgrass. You can see the view from my tent door below:

Pinus hartwegii, Timberline Montezuma Pines

The pines are Pinus hartwegii, sometimes known as Timberline Montezuma Pines.

With that fine view, sitting in my tent as it glows in the afternoon sunlight, a mellow warmth overcomes me, almost the opposite to the feeling of all that sun and wind above the tree line. What a pleasing thing is a long afternoon nap in that glowing, peaceful spot.