The main goal now is to assure that when Naturalist Jim Conrad -- who put this website together -- fades from the scene, the site won't disappear. Without help, this is a real possiblity because sometimes the site gets hacked, sometimes problems arise with billing, and sometimes web servers do tricky things to rid themselvews of clients like BackyardNature.Net, because we're so large and receive so much traffic that we use more computer space and bandwidth than most others.

We're not looking for money here. more than pays for itself with book referral fees received from Amazon.Com

Besides the fact that Jim was born in 1947 and is reaching the age when things start falling apart, he lives in Mexico with no electricity or Internet connection, connecting with the Internet only when he bikes into a small Maya village in the central Yucatan. In other words, already is mostly on auto-pilot.

Bea Laporte in Ontario, Canada is a self-taught butterfly and moth enthusiast who helps with the site and in the past has even contributed pages, but Bea has a regular job, is raising a teenager, and doesn't really know much about keeping a website going, so she needs help. Any Internet-savvy helper she could contact if a problem arises would be much appreciated.

Once we have a handful of helpers to help deal with emergencies, then we'll start looking for others to produce content for the site. For example, already K.B. Jinan has sent us a thoughtful piece on Nature Sensitization for kids.

So, if you think you can help, write to Bea at bea(at) (And if you become a regular helper, you can have a address like Bea's, too.)