K. B. JinanK. B. Jinan
the concepts of
K.B. Jinan, of Nilambur, Kerala, India
(photos supplied by Jinan)

"The basic attempt is to help individuals regain the wisdom and confidence lying embedded within their own communities and culture."

"We are born with an aesthetic sense. This sense connects us to the world, and informs the way we conduct our lives."

"Our senses are doors to the outer world and also to the inner world. We must refine our senses in order to make it easier for us to experience beauty and understand the world around us."

"The goal is to awaken the senses and feelings."

"There is no teaching."

Seeing nature

SPECIAL EXERCISE: Provided with two primary colors, children are asked to create a shade card, starting from one color and arriving at the other through every successive, gradual color combination in between.

Touching nature

Smelling & tasting nature

Hearing nature:

Other activities: