Jim Conrad
during a brief visit to the cloudforest area of Pantepec, Chiapas, southern Mexico, last week in February, 2005

Order Falconiformes

Hawks, Eagles & Kites (Family Accipitridae)

Order Ciconiiformes

Herons & Bitterns (Family Ardeidae)

New World Vultures (Family Cathartidae)

Order Apodiformes

Swifts (Family Apodidae)

Hummingbirds (Family Trochilidae)

Order Trogoniformes

Trogons (Family Trogonidae)

Order Columbiformes

Doves & Pigeons (Family Columbidae)

Order Cuculiformes

Cuckoos, Anis & Roadrunners (Family Cuculidae)

Order Psittaciformes

Parrots & Parakeets (Family Psittacidae)

Order Piciformes

Woodpeckers (Family Picidae)

Order Passeriformes

Woodcreepers (Family Dendrocolaptidae)

Flycatchers (Family Tyrannidae)

Jays & Crows (Family Corvidae)

Swallows (Family Hirundinidae)

Wrens (Family Troglodytidae)

Gnatcatachers (Family Sylviidae)

Thrushes, Solitaires, Bluebirds (Family Turdidae)

Mockingbirds & Thrashers (Family Mimidae)

Silky-flycatchers (Family Ptilogonatidae)

Peppershrikes (Family Cyclarhidae)

Vireos (Family Vireonidae)

Wood Warblers (Family Parulidae)

Emberizids (Family Emberizidae)

Cardinals, Grosbeaks, etc. (Family Cardinalidae)

Blackbirds & Orioles (Family Icteridae)