Write to JoAnn

Joann Wasson JoAnn was born in a small town in Northwestern Louisiana in 1937. Coming from a family which enjoyed spending much time together outdoors, she has been a wildlife enthusiast since early years. Her work has been in public and private secondary schools as well as in higher education, much of that experience having been in teaching of the natural sciences and in teaching others how to teach science. Two years ago, JoAnn returned to the United States after more than 11 years of working among the people of Spanish/Mayan descent in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. She and her husband Jim now live in the Appalachian Foothills of North Georgia.

As to JoAnn's purposes for the wildflower bouquet presentations, she has this to say:

I should hope the wildflower arrangements would serve as motivation for people to both see and appreciate what is the beauty of wildflowers, particularly for those individuals who rarely get out into the wild. Further, I should hope that some of those same folk might be motivated to look beyond the wildflower to the plant itself and become interested in the study of plants and the study of other areas of the natural world (of course, making use of the myriad helps available right here on Backyard Nature). Overall, my purpose is to underscore what the Creator has done in providing the whole of His marvelous creation for us to enjoy.