We have no religious or political affiliations. We do not preach or try to convince you of anything.

Our  goal is to provide a peaceful place close to nature where you can learn basic nature study techniques.

When you leave here, you should have nature-study skills you can use to enrich your life for the rest of your life.









Polly's Bend Polly's Bend
Polly's Bend Polly's Bend
Polly's Bend Polly's Bend
The experience of studying nature is therapeutic. It is a  kind of meditation that makes you feel good, and enlarges you as a human being. Read how that works.

Here's what you can get here:

    Polly's Bend inside a loop of the Kentucky River
    Peaceful Polly's Bend is the land inside this isolated loop of the Kentucky River.

  • Resident Naturalist Jim Conrad can provide you with a customized nature-study experience.
Depending on your interests, your studies can be as unstructured as taking walks during which you can ask questions about what you see, to a structured workshop where each day your classes take you deeper into nature. Your studies can last an hour or so, or weeks. You can arrange to stay overnight in the above very basic, no-frills farmhouse.


Here's what you need to know to make your decision:

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