Excerpts from Jim Conrad's
Naturalist Newsletter

from the August 24, 2007 Newsletter issued from Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, QUERÉTARO, MÉXICO

Sunday morning Roberto called saying he had a Bat Falcon in his office. Some kids had found it at the town's racetrack, it couldn't fly, and they'd brought it here. It held one wing slightly lower than the other so maybe it'd clipped a wire. When Roberto fed him some ground pork he gulped it down as if he were starved. Later the bird was put on our gravel road in the hope he'd fly away, but he just stood there, not even attempting to fly when prodded. You can see him then below:


Bat Falcons range from northern Mexico south to northern Argentina, preying on other birds, bats and insects. They're small, about the same length but bulkier than North America's Kestrels.