Excerpts from Jim Conrad's
Naturalist Newsletter

peach flowers

from the the March 23, 2009 Newsletter, issued from near Natchez, Mississippi:

Above you see two typical peach-tree blossoms displaying the expected five pink petals and numerous male, pollen- producing stamens. A cross section of a flower is shown below:

peach flower cross section

Peach trees belong to the same genus as the above Black Cherry tree -- Peaches are PRUNUS PERSICA -- so they're very closely related and their basic flower designs are very similar. Note the Peach flower's cuplike hypanthium with stamens, petals and sepals arising from the cup's rim. See how the female pistil sits inside the hypanthium, and how the hypanthium arises below the pistil?

You can't miss how hairy the ovary is, the ovary being the pale, oval item at the base of the pistil. That ovary is the future peach fruit, and the hairiness on the ovary is future peach fuzz.