People in the outside world know better than I how feverishly people nowadays exchange messages through cell phones, FaceBook and other media. Even here the village Maya can be seen compulsively checking for messages throughout the day. This behavior is completely in line with the insights offered by the Six Miracles of Nature concept as outlined at http://www.backyardnature.net/j/6/

The Six Miracles manifested one after another, like footsteps through time. The first was that something miraculously arose from nothing, and the most recent miracle, the Sixth, is that from genetically programmed innate behavior arose a kind of mentality capable -- among other things -- of countermanding the genetic code's programming.

The step-by-step feature of the Six Miracles indicates that the Universe's evolution has direction. From what can be seen here on Earth with current technology, that direction is from simple to complex, and toward ever greater diversity, with the diverse parts interrelating with one another in ever more complex and sophisticated ways.

"Interrelate" is the keyword here. Today when people text, check for emails, and for remarks on FaceBook, we're satisfying a craving for interrelationships hardwired into us by the coding in our genes. Genetic coding manifesting as innate behavior was brought about by the Fifth Miracle.

The Fifth Miracle programmed our ancestors to crave sweets and fatty foods because on the African veld where humanity arose, it was hard to find high-calorie food. Today, the Sixth Miracle enables some of us to visualize the healthy, beautiful bodies we want, and countermand our genetically based urge to gobble down doughnuts and sizzling sausage. In the same way, the Fifth Miracle hardwired us for texting and other forms of interrelating, while the Sixth Miracle imparts to some of us the abililty to moderate our texting and, if we do text, to rise above superficiality in what we say.

I say "some of us" because not everyone can or or is willing to make the conscious effort to recognize and harmonize with the Universal Creative Impulse's flow -- the flow toward the Universe's ever-more-diverse parts interrelating with one another in ever more sophisticated ways.

But, making that effort is worthwhile. It's worthwhile because for the first time ever -- at least here on Earth -- the Sixth Miracle is enabling part of the Creation (us humans) to consciously participate in the creation of the increasingly diverse and complex Universe. We consciously contribute when we make the effort to recognize the flow of things, and choose to go with that flow.

When we take carrot sticks even though our bodies lust for doughnuts and sausage, we're going with the flow, and adding to it. When we put down the cell phone and think deeply and feelingly about what we can say to others the next time we text, we're going with the flow toward a Universe with parts interrelating with one another in ever more sophisticated ways.