An Excerpt from Jim Conrad's
of April 24, 2011
Issued from Hacienda Chichen Resort adjoining Chichén Itzá Ruin in


At dawn the birds' morning chorus is just beginning, especially the robins with their fluty, echoic calling. This morning as I sit in the big, white chair before the hut, Mozart's Salzburg Symphonies filter through the hut's pole walls, mingling with birdsong.

Something Mozart does this morning, which robins can't, is consciously to change the key of his melodies in order to artfully express different emotional colors. It's been said that the key of C major brightly projects innocence and simplicity. The key of E major suggests laughing pleasure not yet complete. This Salzburg Symphony #3 is in F major, which they say is the key of amiability and calmness, an appropriate key for such a pretty Sunday morning as this.

So, what if this morning I myself were to be in a certain key? Let's say I'm in D sharp major, the gloomy key of brooding despair. I'm sad, lonely, the toucans I thought I'd seen having turned out to be crows.

Salzburg Symphony #3 in the calm, amiable key of F major lifts my spirits. Thus Mozart from long ago and far away, and orchestra members from a few years back, and technicians who designed and fabricated my CD and CD player, miraculously transcend time and space to inspire me with calm, amiable thoughts and feelings.

I say "miraculously" because I am a believer in "Nature as Bible," whose sacred text is spelled out in the Six Miracles of Nature, outlined at

The most recent of Nature's miracles, the Sixth, grants beings with highly developed awareness the ability to have inspired thought and feeling not programmed in genetic code. Mozart's symphonies are made of inspired thought and feeling, and thus are miraculous.

And then there's this: The Six Miracles of Nature occurred in a sequence, and when you study the sequence you see that there's direction to it -- for one thing, from simple to complex. The important point for us now is that the Sixth Miracle's gift of inspired thought and feeling crowns all previous evolutionary events. The whole history of everything flows in a direction culminating -- at least for right now, and at least in this dimension you and I occupy here on Earth -- in inspired thought and feeling.

Therefore, if we assume that the Creator "wishes" something of Her Creation, a good guess is that inspired thought and feeling should play an important part in it.

I like it: That through space and time Mozart's Sixth-Miracle inspired thoughts and feelings have found me, and right now they mingle and evolve with my Sunday morning's thoughts and feelings, and now I relay this new thing, this new set of thoughts and feelings, to you there somewhere, sometime, in cyberspace, in your own symphony, in your own key, and maybe also with you there'll be a new mingling and further evolution, which then you will relay on ... Facebook Icon.