Excerpts from Jim Conrad's
Naturalist Newsletter

from the July 9, 2017 Newsletter issued from Rancho Regensis north of Valladolid, Yucatán, MÉXICO

One morning on an herbaceous vine twining up the Guazuma ulmifolia tree next to the hut a couple of blackish, fuzzy caterpillars caught my eye nibbling at the vine's leaves. You can see them below:

Tiger Moth Caterpillar, Euchaetes albicosta, feeding

Another shot better displaying the striking patterns and colors of the caterpillar's hair tufts is shown below:

Tiger Moth Caterpillar, Euchaetes albicosta

There are many caterpillar species similar to this so when I sent the pictures to volunteer identifier Bea in Ontario I made sure to include the information that this week's caterpillar was feeding on one of several kinds of milkweed vines, family Apocynaceae, maybe the genus Matelea. Bea figured out that its the Tiger Moth Caterpillar, Euchaetes albicosta, distributed from Texas south to Nicaragua, and its caterpillars are known to eat milkweed plants.

Otherwise, there's not much known about it, so I'm glad to provide what Information and pictures I can.