Nature shows us that the Universal Creative Impulse -- "God" to some -- is more concerned than we can imagine with creating/evolving diverse phenomena which interact in ever more complex, sophisticated ways. The Six Miracle concept is basically an outline to help us grasp the main points of this creating/evolving.

It's important to notice that the evolution of life on Earth has not been a steady process. There have been chapters of enormous destruction, suffering and dying-off. Think of the Six Mass Extinctions that Life on Earth has experienced. Think of the many genocides throughout human history, when untold numbers of innocent children and adults died because of events beyond their control. This feature of evolution teaches that we humans are not being watched over and protected. We must protect ourselves... from ourselves.

For, more than 90% of all species that ever existed on Earth now are extinct. Extinction is "normal."

But, humans are not "normal." We with our big brains, among all living beings on Earth, have been granted the special gift of the Sixth Miracle -- in which instinctual behavior blossomed into consciousness along with the ability to be inspired, have empathy and a sense of esthetics, to grow spiritually, to override the dictates of our genes, and to grasp the majesty of the evolving Universe.

But, at this moment in human psychic evolution, we are so distracted by life's clutter, and the dictates of our own genetic predispositions and social programming that the cultivation of our higher selves receives little attention. We must consciously and with great effort focus on the potentials the Sixth Miracle offers us.

Among our highest callings are:

Nature offers many other teachings and callings to think and talk about. You are invited to do this in your own life. One place to begin might be on the Six Miracles FaceBook page, where so far no one other than myself has said anything. Maybe you can help get the discussion started.