The Six Miracles of Nature do not exist other than as 
mental constructs helping us grasp the miraculous nature of 
Life on Earth. They have nothing to do with any religion or philosophy.
The Six Miracles of Nature concept is strictly a mental tool freely available to all. 


  1. There's something instead of nothing.
  2. From the beginning, things started evolving.
  3. Life arose.
  4. Life evolved.
  5. Some living things evolved complex instinctual behavior.
  6. Instinctual behavior blossomed into consciousness, along with the ability to be inspired, have a sense of aesthetics, to grow spiritually, to override the dictates of our genes, and consciously to develop other traits harmonious with the rest of the evolving Universe.


Neither atheism nor the world's religions provide adequate spiritual guidance. The Six Miracles concept nurtures our natural spirituality while suggesting patterns of moral and ethical behavior.

For, except for the First Miracle, each Miracle arises from a preceding Miracle, like footsteps along a path. The resulting path indicates a direction taken by the evolving Universe. By meditating on that path and its direction, we get a feeling for "how to live according to God's plan," as religious people might say.

For example, in Nature we see that recycling is practiced, and that evolution leads to ever greater diversity. Therefore, we can say that Nature teaches that we humans should recycle, and revere the Earth's diversity.

Many such instructive patterns exist in Nature. The Six Miracles concept helps us identify and think about them. We are most fulfilled and exist at a higher spiritual level when we live in accordance with Nature's teachings.