Sabacché, Yucatán, México
view down one of Sabacché's lanes
mapa a Sabacché Sabacché lies an hour's car ride southeast of Mérida. Once you're beyond Mérida, Highway 18 is well paved and bypasses towns. For the most part, the trip to Sabacché is a pleasant ride through the country.

Highway 18 passes to the east of Tecoh. Traveling south from Mérida, look for signs pointing right(west) to Tecoh, and left (east) to Ochil. Take the left to Ochil. After a few minutes you'll pass through Chiquila, then the next town, well signed, is Sabacché.

Sabacché, Yucatán, MéxicoAtop this page the view down one of Sabacché's winding lanes suggests what the village is like: It's tiny, spread out and peaceful. The pretty, red-painted arch and wall belong to the landowner. At the left you see a view across Main Street, a dog at the lower right not too worried about the very infrequent traffic. The red chimney remains from the old henequen mill, no longer in use.

Mostly Sabacché is inhabited by families who once worked on the big henequen plantation operated by the landowner. About fifty years ago when the price for henequen fell, the henequen fields were abandoned, and now trees are growing back in the former fields. In the surrounding thornforest, old henequen plants still survive.



Escalera a un cenoteSeveral cenotes, or water-filled sinkholes, surround Sabacché. Two cenotes have been provided with easy access. At the right you see spiraling stairs leading to a platform below, right at the water's surface. From the wooden platform you can slip into the cool water and swim around, snorkel or dive.

escalera de madera

Another cenote is equipped with the stairs shown above. Swimming, snorkeling and diving also are permitted in that cenote. Both cenotes are deep enough to present challenges for experienced divers.

Snorkeling equipment can be rented.

Next to both major cenotes there are spacious, thatch-roofed  palapas perfect for picnicking.


bicisIn the thorn forest surrounding Sabacché there's a wonderful network of backcountry roads and trails, perfect for biking and hiking. Mountain bikes and helmets can be rented in town. Guides always are available to accompany you. A map can be provided  identifying all roads and trails.

Many visitors design a circular or figure-8 hike or ride so they don't have to pass through the same territory twice, and so that toward the end they'll be able to stop at a cenote for a cooling, refreshing swim. You can see a map of roads and trails through the thorn forest surrounding Sabacché here.



Iguana Verde

For nature-lovers, the above-mentioned network of roads and trails provides excellent access to the surrounding thorn forest. Especially in early mornings and right before the sun sets, quietly walking along the trails provides a window into wildlife just a few feet away. You may be interested in viewing a list of the most common birds commonly seen at Sabacché.



lavando manosA well maintained camping area with five large platforms for tents is available near the main cenote, as shown above.

Next to the camping area is a clean bathroom with running water provided by a pump powered with solar energy, and electricity provided by solar panels on the bathroom's roof.

When night falls, few things are as pleasant as sitting around a campfire toasting marshmallows, telling stories, and staring into the campfire's flames.



It's best, but not absolutely necessary, to make reservations. Just call:

99 92 61-43-36