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Last updated on  May 3rd, 2015

U.S. Agricultural Trading Relationship With China Grows: Click here
China's new normal presents opportunities and challenges for U.S. agricultural exports to China.

Managing Glyphosate Resistance May Sustain Its Efficacy and Increase Long-Term Returns to Corn and Soybean Production: Click here
Widespread use of the glyphosate on major crops, particularly soybeans, has contributed to the evolution of weed resistance to this herbicide. Managing glyphosate resistance (by using other herbicides) is more cost-effective than ignoring resistance, and returns are greater when neighboring farmers also manage resistance.

Fresh Fruit Makes Up a Growing Share of U.S. Fruit Availability: Click here
Per capita fruit availability in the United States has fallen over the last decade—from 281 pounds per person (fresh-weight equivalent) in 2000-02 to 251 pounds per person in 2010-12. Increased U.S. production and imports of some types of fruit have not compensated for decreased U.S. citrus production. Fresh fruit’s share of total fruit availability has grown from 42 percent in 1970-72 to 52 percent in 2010-12.

Expanding Craft Beer Production Boosts Industrial Use of Barley: Click here
Expanding production and consumption of craft beer has created a need to update the methods used to estimate barley use for malting and brewing, which are collectively called “industrial” purposes. Per barrel, craft brewers are estimated to use slightly more than four times the amount of malt and malt product used in non-craft beer production.

Wetlands Benefits and Costs Vary With Location: Click here
Over the past two decades, USDA has spent over $4.2 billion to restore and protect wetlands. While restoring and protecting wetlands comes at a cost, their ecosystems provide a wide array of benefits that can exceed costs.

Calculating the Jobs Associated With U.S. Agricultural Exports: Click here
In calendar year 2013, the $144.38 billion of U.S. agricultural exports produced an additional $176 billion in economic activity for a total of $320.3 billion of economic output. U.S. agricultural exports supported 1,094,400 full-time civilian jobs in 2013, including 793,900 jobs in the non-farm sector.

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