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The Economics of Food, Farming, Natural Resources, and Rural America

Last updated on  October 19th, 2014

The Importance of Federal Crop Insurance Premium Subsidies: Click here
Growth in Federal Crop Insurance (FCI) has generally been attributed to the increase in crop insurance premium subsidies. While ERS research results show the lower costs had only small effects on acreage enrollment, those already enrolled showed an adoption of higher levels of coverage. Results suggest that increasing premium subsidies could cause Government costs to increase rapidly.

Rural Employment in Recession and Recovery: Click here
Total employment loss rates during 2007-09 were slightly larger in rural (nonmetro) than urban (metro) counties and began a year earlier. Rural employment growth has lagged behind urban areas since the first half of 2011. About two-fifths of the rural employment growth deficit is due to rural counties having a lower population growth trend and an older, less well-educated workforce.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Price Patterns Differ Across Commodities: The Case of Strawberries and Apples: Click here
Fresh produce prices are subject to seasonal patterns, the result of uneven demand, supply, or movement to market, when either production and/or use is concentrated during particular months. Over the past 30 years, changes in imports, production, storage, and demand have all occurred in fresh produce markets and may have influenced shifts in seasonal price patterns.

Economic Responses Offset Potential Climate Change Impacts on Global Agriculture: Click here
Research indicates that a decrease in agricultural productivity due to climate change could be largely mitigated by increasing nonland inputs such as fertilizer and irrigation, increasing cropland area, and expanding international trade.

Agritourism Farms Are More Diverse Than Other U.S. Farms: Click here
Agritourism involves attracting paying visitors to farms by offering farm tours, harvest festivals, hospitality services (such as bed and breakfast), petting zoos, and other attractions. Farms that provide agritourism services also typically produce agricultural commodities and may provide a variety of other goods and services.

What Happened to the “'Creative Class' Job Growth Engine” During the Recession and Recovery?: Click here
The severity of the 2007/09 economic recession and the subsequent slow rural recovery has heightened interest in the concept of economic resilience: the ability of a local economy to bounce back from declines in employment, earnings, and output. One human capital resource that may facilitate this flexibility is the share of local employment in the “creative class.”

ERSs Food Consumption and Nutrient Intake Data—Tools for Assessing Americans Diets: Click here
Comparing actual to recommended food intakes of children, adults, and lower- and higher-income individuals reveals that Americans under-consume fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products, while over-consuming added sugars, solid fats, and sodium.

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