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Last updated on  October 22nd, 2014

Mystery of giant arm dinosaur solved: Click here
Two dinosaur skeletons have been unearthed in Mongolia, solving a mystery that has baffled palaeontologists for 50 years.

Chimps filmed in 'daring' food raids: Click here
Wild chimps carry out night-time crop raids, footage reveals, suggesting the animals are being pushed into risky foraging behaviour.

DNA yields secrets of human pioneer: Click here
DNA analysis of a 45,000-year-old human has helped scientists pinpoint when our ancestors interbred with Neanderthals.

Slumbering lions win top photo prize: Click here
A black and white image of lions resting on a rock outcrop in the Serengeti has won the 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.

Wind farms outstrip nuclear power: Click here
The UK's wind farms generated more power than its nuclear power stations on Tuesday, the National Grid says.

Tractor beam breaks distance record: Click here
Scientists have turned a laser into a reversible "tractor beam" that can repel or attract objects.

Pesticide bans 'could hit UK crops': Click here
The EU's decision to ban the use of some pesticides could threaten UK crops, increase food prices and hit farmers' profits, a report claims.

Man walks again after transplant: Click here
A paralysed man becomes the first in the world to walk again following a pioneering therapy which involved transplanting cells from his nose into his severed spinal cord.

Ebola serum for Africa 'in weeks': Click here
Treatments to tackle the Ebola outbreak in West Africa should become available in the coming weeks and months, says the World Health Organization.

Europe 'will fail to protect climate': Click here
IPCC expert says EU's plan consigns future leaders to “extraordinary and unprecedented” CO2 cuts.

African solar plan to power UK homes: Click here
Investors are seeking funding from the UK government for an ambitious plan to import solar energy generated in North Africa.

Sex emerged in ancient Scottish lake: Click here
The first animals to copulate were small fish that lived 385 million years ago in what is now Scotland, a study suggests.

Audi claims self-drive speed record: Click here
Audi says one of its self-drive test cars topped 149mph (240km/h) at a race track in Germany, beating a human-driven version.

Aussie bees fight 'hive wars': Click here
Bee colonies in Brisbane are waging war for months on end, according to a new study, and the victorious swarms are taking over the hives of rival species.

UK city planning advice for China: Click here
UK planning experts are to advise Chinese mayors on the benefits of building environmentally friendly cities.

Mysterious US space plane returns: Click here
An unmanned US military plane on a secretive two-year mission in space has returned to Earth in California.

Gladiators were 'mostly vegetarian': Click here
Roman gladiators had a diet that was mostly vegetarian, according to an analysis of bones from a graveyard where the fighters were buried.

Physics reveals how nature sparkles: Click here
Researchers reveal that the same physical mechanism is behind many of nature's most dazzling shines.

Comet Siding Spring skims past Mars: Click here
A recently discovered comet known as Siding Spring passes Mars, giving scientists a unique chance to study the object.

Death Star moon is 'wonky or watery': Click here
The internal structure of Saturn's moon Mimas is either irregularly shaped or awash with water, according to a new study of its tell-tale wobbling movements.

Name sought for comet landing site: Click here
The public are being invited to name the site on a comet where a European robot will try to land on 12 November.

UK science 'losing ground' to rivals: Click here
Campaigners say the UK will lose its leading position in science and engineering unless current cutbacks are reversed.

Mercury's hidden water-ice revealed: Click here
A Nasa spacecraft has provided the first optical images of ice within permanently shadowed craters on the planet Mercury.

Ancient mosaic found at Greece tomb: Click here
Archaeologists in Greece uncover a large floor mosaic at a huge burial site at Amphipolis dating to the time of Alexander the Great.

New disease 'killing amphibians': Click here
A deadly new disease has emerged in Spain that is wiping out amphibians, scientists report.

Giant kangaroo 'walked on two feet': Click here
A family of extinct kangaroos, three times bigger than living species, probably walked rather than hopped, according to a detailed study of their bones.

Carnivores 'help trees shed thorns': Click here
The presence of carnivores, which control herbivore numbers, helps plants without thorny defences thrive, a study of life on the savannah reveals.

Smart meters open to hack attack: Click here
Smart meters widely used in Spain can be hacked to cut power bills, two security researchers find.

Plants 'absorb more CO2 than thought': Click here
Global climate models under play the amount of CO2 being absorbed by plants, according to new research.

Paterson in 'lights out' warning: Click here
The government's energy policy will "fail to keep the lights on", the former environment secretary has said.

Threatened birds of prey 'vanish': Click here
Two of the rarest birds of prey in England, which had been satellite tagged, vanish in unexplained circumstances.

Hyenas feast at vulture restaurants: Click here
"Restaurants" of dead meat set up for endangered vultures also attract an undesirable clientele of hyenas and jackals, according to a six-year study.

Brazil releases 'good' mosquitoes: Click here
Brazilian researchers release thousands of mosquitoes infected with a bacteria that suppresses dengue fever into the environment in Rio de Janeiro.

VIDEO: Orphan baby elephant rescued from well: Click here
An elephant calf has been air rescued after he fell down a well in the remote region of Milgis Lugga in Northern Kenya.

VIDEO: Charge for carrier bags in Scotland: Click here
A public awareness campaign is being launched to highlight the carrier-bag charge which has come into force in Scotland.

VIDEO: EU pesticide ban 'threatens crops': Click here
A report published today claims that banning too many pesticides will lead to lower yields on farm, which in turn could result in an increase in food imports, and job losses

AUDIO: Are we alone in the Milky Way?: Click here
Prof Brian Cox muses on whether life here on Earth is unique within the Milky Way and what this might mean.

VIDEO: Origins of intercourse traced to fish: Click here
Scientists believe they have traced the origin of copulation to fish found in a Scottish lake 385 million years ago.

VIDEO: Plastic food packaging health fears: Click here
BBC Inside Out examines whether health fears over plastic food packaging are justified and asks if BPA should be banned in the UK.

AUDIO: Scientists study ancient comet: Click here
A recently discovered comet has flown past Mars, giving scientists a unique chance to study an object from the farthest reaches of the Solar System.

VIDEO: New dinosaur 'may be in T-Rex family': Click here
Scientists think that a newly discovered species of dinosaur, whose remains were found after 20 years of excavation in Venezuela, maybe related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Hobbit find rewriting human history: Click here
Tiny species found a decade ago in Indonesia caused big rethink

Rosetta comet: More black swan than yellow duck: Click here
A fascination of comets is their blackness

Ebola: How many people have died?: Click here
Why we don't know how many people Ebola has killed

Life Story with David Attenborough: Click here
David Attenborough's new series on the journey through life

The First Spacewalk: Click here
How the first human to walk in space nearly didn't return to Earth

Ebola treatments - how far off?: Click here
How far away is a treatment and vaccine?

Should spy-planes fight US crime?: Click here
Hi-res surveillance system causes US controversy

How English became language of science: Click here
How the US changed the language of science

VIDEO: Ponies munch a meadow back to life: Click here
Can a team of ponies munch a meadow back to life?

Bionic arm restores sense of feeling: Click here
Bionic hands restore sense of touch in two patients

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