In last week's Newsletter, Nancy, someplace in cyberspace, read my thoughts about "Three Levels of Seed Enchantment," and reciprocated by writing the following poem, which one morning before sunrise materialized on my laptop screen as I sat cross-legged on the floor of an unlighted, empty little room in an unused building within the Hacienda's wi-fi range, downloading mail:

of light
and desire
and intent,

I swirl about fellow impulses
bounce off fields of strangers
repel magnetized politicians and customs officials.

sometimes collisions in the force are re imagined as anger or fear or revulsion.

spinning around with seeds as cells,
enchanted information in time-space,
someone smiles.

This was pretty good. In fact, it seems to me that one of the highest callings of sentient, thinking beings in this expanding, impersonal Universe is to snatch insights, thoughts and feelings from the brink of oblivion, filter them through the influences of one's own genetic programming and experience, and pass them on.

Nancy has done this, and in doing so she's harmonizing with the evolving flow of the Universe, which itself trends toward ever greater interconnectedness, and, among Her sentient, intelligent creations, ever more exquisite sensitivity and insight. To poetize is to contribute color and substance to the Universe's expanding shell of influence -- like rainbow hues on a growing soap bubble.

And, here on little Earth, what a beautiful thing the way that thoughts and feelings can flash from point to point, like electrical impulses igniting here and there in a brain awakening to itself, struggling to grasp and harmonize and grow with Universal currents of the beautiful, and good.