An Excerpt from Jim Conrad's
of October 23, 2011
issued from Mayan Beach Garden Inn 20,ms north of Mahahual
on the Yucatan Peninsula´s eastern cost, in Quintana Roo State, México


When I was a kid, Grandma Moses was famous for her colorful, cheerful paintings that broke all rules for showing perspective and other details "real artists" worry about. You can meet Grandma and some of her work at

People might have snickered at Grandma Moses' childlike, untutored technique but Grandma's works touched them in ways other artists' didn't.

I aspire to be the Grandma Moses of Natural Philosophy.

What I mean is that even if I don't have the brains, talent and instruction to philosophize publicly, I'm doing it anyway, for the same reasons Grandma Moses painted: I just feel like doing it, and I believe that what I'm saying ought to be said.

Here's one thing I want to say:

Reality is a blossoming, and we're all inside it,
both as observers and participants.


That's my Grandma Moses picture of a white cow standing unconcerned beside a red barn. Facebook Icon.