You may recall the Pink Cosmoses that a few months ago during early afternoon hours gathered about them such fluttering constellations of rainbow-winged butterflies. This week the plants had gone seed, so I collected them. I sowed them in a new flowerbed twice as large as the last one and in more sun. What a pleasure it will be when the first blossoms and butterflies reappear. Already the seedlings are up.

At mid-day when sunlight falls heavily, stinging the skin, I like to sit just looking at the seedlings, almost hearing some kind of hum arising from the fast- paced, efficient photosynthetic reactions taking place inside all those fresh, new leaves. I feel good being in the presence of such youthful and self-absorbed vigor and potential. Sometimes I find myself empathetically humming with the Cosmoses.

Sitting in the sun humming with the Pink Cosmoses, it occurs to me that the hums of us two beings quietly but intensely being ourselves harmonize, and that that humming harmony is a new thing, bringing into being something more substantial and meaningful than just the Cosmoses and me apart.

This harmonious humming is the song the moment itself sings. And, my experience is that the more harmonious are the parts of any song, the more majestic and meaningful the song itself tends to be.