An Excerpt from Jim Conrad's
of May 5, 2007
Issued from Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve Headquarters in
Jalpan, Querétaro, MÉXICO


My old friend Jarvis in North Carolina sent me an essay by David W. Orr, a noted environmental lecturer and writer. Orr's essay made these points:

Orr sums things up:

Because we cannot think clearly what we cannot say clearly, the first casualty of linguistic incoherence is our ability to think well about many things."

The essay appears in Conservation Biology, Vol 13, No. 4, August 1999.

In my own system of using words and thinking, the above insights flow irresistibly into a river of philosophic conviction in which the following is an undeniable truth:

To save Life on Earth we must struggle to get our minds clear, think deeply and honestly on many subjects, make an enormous effort to articulate to others what we're understanding, and then actually live the lives we perceive as the most dignified and honorable. Facebook Icon.