An Excerpt from Jim Conrad's
of February 23, 2003
Issued from the woods near Natchez, Mississippi, USA

One of my all-time favorite quotations is one by Friedrich Nietzsche. In general I regard the thrust of Nietzsche's thoughts as being a bit unsavory and small spirited. Still, he did make this point:

"Most people don't really see something until it has a name" -- "Wie die Menschen gew├Ânlich sind, macht ihnen erst der Name ein Ding ├╝berhaupt sichtbar."

With that insight in mind, I just want to place before Newsletter readers the following "name" of a concept I think needs more consideration, and that is "voluntary simplicity."

If you have some time this week to reflect upon life and the state of the world, I hope you will remember to conjure up that term and spend some time turning it over in your mind as if it were a mantra that could possibly open doors to new levels of happiness and fulfillment.

Several sites on the Web deal with voluntary simplicity. You might Google the term and let destiny lead you forward at your own pace. But be wary of sites trying to sell you things to simplify your life.

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