Here are the most notable characteristics of this state's cuisine:

  1. strong influence of indigenous cultures
  2. seashore, tropical lowland and cool upland environments provide a huge diversity of produce


  • Huaxmole -- meat dish including pork ribs in a thick sauce of chili and guaje beans
  • Relleno -- suckling pig cooked all night stuffed with such things as pineapple, olives, potatoes, carrots and bananas, accompanied by corn tortillas and rice
  • Caldo de cabeza de pescado (coastal) -- fish-head soup
  • Chile de Ciruela (uplands) -- pork dish containing fresh plums and green chilies
  • Aporreado -- chunks of fried pork mixed with eggs in a broth of cilantro, cumin and garlic
  • Barbacoa de Chivo -- barbecued goat
  • Morisqueta or Zambaripao (coastal) -- rice and beans
  • Chapulines (central uplands) -- well seasoned and prepared grasshoppers


  • Gollería (coastal) -- fried concoction of milk, vanilla, eggwhite, cinnamon sprinkled with sugar
  • Jamoncillo de Pepita de Calabaza -- finely ground pumpkin nuts prepared with milk and sugar
  • Alegría -- amaranth seeds toasted, popped, and sweetened
  • Palanqueta de Cacahuate -- crisp candy based on brown-sugar syrup and/or refined sugar, with toasted corn and peanuts


  • Tuba --  drink from fermentation of juice from different kinds of palm, especially the coconut palm, often flavored with pineapple, lemon, chili, etc.

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Information on this page based on material presented in Gastronomía: Atlas cultural de México, 1988, an extensive and well illustrated work by various authors, published by the Secretaría del Educación Pública, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia in Mexico City.

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