Recipe from the famous kitchen of Hacienda Chichén, y Chef Josué
next to Chichín Itzá Ruins in the central Yucatán, México

in English,
Cream of Chaya Soup with Egg

Crema de Chaya con HuevoThis traditional, prehispanic recipe, rich and thick, is based on two very Maya ingredients: Leaves of the plant called Chaya, much grown in Maya villages, and; ground squash seeds.

The dish is perfect for vegetarians who eat eggs.

Some of the ingrediants may be hard to find outside of Mexico or a good Mexican food store.

The Recipe serves 3.

PREPARATION: In a pan bring the water, squash seed powder and recado blanco to a boil. Add the chaya leaves and salt, and cook until the leaves soften before adding the recado rojo and masa.

Let the masa cook for ten minutes. Add the eggs and cook with a low fire about 15 minutes. Add salt to taste.


(White Broth)