This site,, is set up to be financially self supporting. It receives a little more money from the books it sells through than it costs to maintain the site. Automatically electronically transfers money into a bank account, and the Internet server regularly makes electronic debits from the account.

Still, someone needs to pay attention to certain details. Specifically:

Jim, born in 1947, is in excellent health but one never knows. He has no family or friends interested in handling the above details. Also, Jim lives on the fringes of society and has very little money, and at any time could disappear from the Web simply because he can no longer pay for access.

Ideally a nature club in the US (where the bank account is located) would start gradually taking over the site and a committee would take the responsibility of dealing with the above matters. They would be provided information for the various accounts involved, and if suddenly Jim disappears they would be prepared to take over the site completely.

If you are interested, write to Jim.


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